Metop-C/ASCAT data will be made available from May 30, 2023


Metop-C/ASCAT data will be distributed from May 30, 2023 for SATAID software. SATAID ver. became available for receiving Metop-C/ASCAT data. The latest application is available from the WIS portal site.

Main changes (May 24, 2023, SATAID ver.

All related information and a download link to the latest version of the SATAID program are provided via the SATAID service on the WIS portal – GISC Tokyo website.

Please update the application in accordance with the steps below.

  1. Download “” from the website.
  2. Decompress the zip file and copy/move the folder or files to the desired location. The changes are the files, (Get_WIS_V2.vbs), (GMSLPD.INI), (gmslpd03.ini), …, (gmslpd48.ini) and the folder (curl).

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