Notification of GISC Tokyo's portal site update


Dear GISC Tokyo users,

Thank you for always using our service.

We would like to inform you that GISC Tokyo's portal site will be updated for security enhancement and improvement of system performance on 26th July.With this update, GISC Tokyo will terminate "Warning" and "KML" services.

If you subscribe "warning messages" and/or "KML files" from GISC Tokyo, we would like you to stop subscription by the updation date.We hope the information below help you to stop your subscription.

< Warning >

< KML > (on page 28 and 29)

Except for "Warning" and "KML" service, GISC Tokyo will continue to offer GISC Tokyo services such as GISC Cache (including subscription), Help Desk, SATAID and so on.You can continue to use our services, and the above services will not be affected by the portal site update.

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,
GISC Tokyo


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