Directory Viewer / Interactive Downloader - JMA High-Resolution GSM Data

You can see the directory structure for the JMA High-Resolution GSM Data, and download them.
For more details, check “Product” page, and “Tutorial” page.

Product Viewer / Downloader

HELP ~ You can see directory structure ~

Grid Interval Region Layer Initial Date Initial Time File Name
/ 0.25_0.25/ 90.0_-5.0_30.0_195.0/ Surface_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rra2_Gll0p25deg_Lsurf_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
90.0_-90.0_0.0_359.75/ Surface_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rgl_Gll0p25deg_Lsurf_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
0.5_0.5/ 90.0_-5.0_30.0_195.0/ Surface_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rra2_Gll0p5deg_Lsurf_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
VVVVhPa/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rra2_Gll0p5deg_LVVVV_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
90.0_-90.0_0.0_359.5/ Surface_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rgl_Gll0p5deg_Lsurf_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
Upper_air_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rgl_Gll0p5deg_L-pall_FDXXxx_grib2.bin

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