Tutorial - JMA High-Resolution GSM Data

Downloading data

Interactive downloading from this website

  1. Go to the Download page.
  2. Find the desired files using the product viewer and download by clicking and choosing “Save as.”

For download program developers

The directory can be accessed directly at


Directory structure:

Grid interval Region Layer Initial date Initial
File name
/ 0.25_0.25/ 90.0_-5.0_30.0_195.0/ Surface_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rra2_Gll0p25deg_Lsurf_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
90.0_-90.0_0.0_359.75/ Surface_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rgl_Gll0p25deg_Lsurf_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
0.5_0.5/ 90.0_-5.0_30.0_195.0/ Surface_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rra2_Gll0p5deg_Lsurf_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
VVVVhPa/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rra2_Gll0p5deg_LVVVV_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
90.0_-90.0_0.0_359.5/ Surface_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rgl_Gll0p5deg_Lsurf_FDXXxx_grib2.bin
Upper_air_layers/ YYYYMMDD/ HH0000/ GSM_GPV_Rgl_Gll0p5deg_L-pall_FDXXxx_grib2.bin


JMA's GISC Tokyo website helps users create shell scripts to subscribe to GSM products.

  1. Visit https://www.wis-jma.go.jp/data/subscribe.
  2. Choose “Closed,” “GRIB Global Spectral Model,” Grid resolution 0.5 or 0.25 (for both, create and run two separate scripts), then select the desired area and levels for download.
  3. Fill out the network and platform fields and click “Show sample shell script to download files.”
  4. Copy the sample script shown to a text editor and save as a .sh (UNIX) or .ps1 (Windows) file.
  5. Run the script. This will automatically download GSM products into the specified directory until it is stopped.

See Users' Guide (pages 29 to 38) for tips on running shell scripts on UNIX- and Windows-based platforms.

Instruction Materials

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