Data for SATAID


Data sets of six areas are provided in this service. Please select Area Name from menu bar when you download data.

Definition of areas and information is indicated by right figure and table below.

Abbr. Area Name Latitude Longitude Sum of Size
NC North Central 55N-15S 90E-155E 2.3 GB/3day
NW Northwest 65N-5S 80E-145E 2.1 GB/3day
SC South Central 15N-55S 107.5E-172.5E 2.2 GB/3day
SE Southeast 6N-65S 135E-200E 2.1 GB/3day
EC East Central 20N-40S 145E-210E 1.9 GB/3day
WC West Central 40N-20S 70E-135E 2.0 GB/3day
FD Full Domain 65N-65S 70E-210E 9.7 GB/3day



Data of each area includes 1) Satellite Imagery of Himawari-8/9, 2) NWP Products and 3) Observation Data. Specification of these data is shown in table below.

Satellite Imagery of Himawari-8/9
List of the channel Infrared channel-1 (Band 13)
Infrared channel-2 (Band 15)
Water Vapor (Band 8)
Infrared channel-4 (Band 7)
Visible imagery (Band 3)
Interval ten minutes each
Size 2-4 MB/file
NWP Products
Resolution 1.25 x 1.25 deg
Forecast hour up to 48 hours
Initial time 00, 06, 12, 18 UTC
Interval 4 times/day (around 04, 10, 16, 22 UTC)
Size 4 MB/file
15 MB/file (Full Domain)
SST (Sea surface temperature)
Interval Once/day
Size 700 KB/file
Interval hourly
Size 120-160 KB/file (map time)
40-70 KB/file (other)
Interval hourly
Size 20-50 KB/file
Interval hourly
Size 200-270 KB/file
Interval 12 hour/day, basically
Size 120 KB/file
ASCAT sea-surface wind
Interval hourly
Size 7 MB/file
  • Data are stored for 3 days.
  • Data format is all for SATAID.