JMA released an upgraded SATAID application (version

This service provides SATellite Animation and Interactive Diagnosis (SATAID) application and SATAID data. SATAID enables the visualization and manipulation of satellite imagery, NWP (numerical weather prediction) products, observation results and data. And now JMA released the upgraded version of SATAID and its automatic downloader. The new version of the programs enables you to download 10-minute interval observation of Himawari-8/9.

* Notes:

  1. The scope of this service is limited to the Himawari-8/9 satellite coverage area.
  2. The service is exclusive to registered users.
  3. Users must abide by the SATAID Service terms of use.

To submit operational questions, access the ticket system on the GISC Tokyo Portal. For general administrative matters (e.g., to update contact details), e-mail wis-jma(at)met.kishou.go.jp.