JMA's Single Sign-on Services

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) provides three services under a single sign-on system to make them available with just a user ID.

DAR Services of GISC Tokyo

GISC Tokyo's Discovery, Access and Retrieval (DAR) Service includes two functionalities:

  • GISC Cache: a temporary database of data distributed globally via the Global Telecommunication System
  • DAR Catalogue: a list of metadata relating to all data managed by WIS

SATAID Service

SATAID is an integrated solution for facilitating meteorological analysis and forecasting. It consists of:

  • Visualization software (SATAID) - easy to install and usable on Windows-based systems
  • Data formatted for SATAID software
    • Himawari-8 imagery
    • JMA Global Spectral Model output
    • Observation data (SYNOP, SHIP, TEMP, METAR and ASCAT sea-surface wind)

JMA Numerical Weather Prediction Products

JMA's Global Spectral Model (GSM) and Global Wave Model (GWM) products with a resolution of 0.5 degrees (0.25 degrees for GSM surface layers) are provided exclusively to registered users.